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Freelance 2010
3 months

I'm now back working with Moixa Energy, an award winning (e.g. IF GOLD design award 2009) cleantech 100 company developing innovative products to enable energy efficiency and waste saving.

I've been developing next generation usbcell products. And, separately something else a little hush, hush! What's comming next is very exciting indeed, Low energy systems for the domestic market, we're looking to disconnect DC devices/lighting from the grid in your house in a very cunning manner... Watch this space!!!

(I was also heavily involved in the original development cycle of USBCELL, having joined the company before the launch back in 2007, when I worked for them for 15 months.





Freelance 2009
3 months

Working on Concept generation
2D Scanning / folding by hand / iterated feature development and global refinement for Robofold.

Also digitising 3D scans of card models, converting to surfaces models.

And production engineering,
robot end-effector design and placement (flat and folded positions)

- Set-up/soft tooling and software

- Robot code generation

- Testing and optimisation






Ice Cool

is a new type of fridge.  It runs on a far more efficient hybrid cooling technology – up to five times better than the best on the market today –  which it achieves by storing cooling power for periods of passive running. Devices have a big impact in relation to the materials they are constructed from and the way they get their power. The future of the national grid is green, which for many places (including Britain) means a lot of wind farms or solar collectors – but what happens if the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine?

Intelligent demand means that increasingly devices will respond to what the grid can supply and find their own way of buffering demand.  The reduced energy demand of 5,000 of my fridges would save one whole power station, and it would be like shutting down another one when they run passively. This would reduce the need for the current grid response to a spike, which is to fire up standby stations – a particularly dirty solution.

Drawer compartments are essential for the cooling technology to work. I kept things intuitive, with the drawers laid out in the familiar internal pattern, the larger drawer being the inside of the door, the ice compartment at the top and salad drawer at the bottom.









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